Perhaps you ask…
“what can a personal organizer can do for me?”

Here is a list of our services…

  • Consultations
  • Organizing Sessions
  • Maintenance Sessions
  • Organizing Workshops
  • Photo Organizing
An In-Home is the first step in becoming organized. During an In-Home Consultation we’ll ask questions to get to know you and what organizing challenges you face. We walk thru your space together, with your permission we’ll take “Before” pictures, and begin to find solutions to fit your lifestyle.
An Organizing Session is simply 2-6 hours of working together to organize your space. We work with you at your pace and support you thru the entire session. We can complete all organizing together or use these sessions to get you started and leave you with “Homework” to stretch your organizing dollar.
Even the best system still requires some maintenance from time to time. We offer one-time, monthly, semi-annual, or annual maintenance to keep you functioning efficiently! Don’t have time to work with us? No Problem, we’ll come in and put everything in its place for you. If a system just isn’t working for you let us know and we’ll adjust it to better fit your needs.
This “home party” format provides a fun, relaxed, and educational get-together with friends. But unlike traditional home parties, you won’t return home with piles of expensive trinkets. Instead, you’ll leave the party with relevant, helpful organizing information that you can use immediately to improve the quality of your daily life.
Do you have stacks of pictures you haven’t seen in years or thousands of pictures on a disc or computer? Let us help you sort and preserve your memories.

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After more than 8 great years of organizing with you we are taking a break to focus on another project. Starting july 1st 2020 we will be unavailable for Organizing projects until October 2021. We are happy to finish scheduling any outstanding packages you may have and finishing up current projects until the end of June. Please schedule these hours as soon as possible to be sure we can accommodate them!

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