What Our Clients Say

Perhaps you ask…
“what can a personal organizer can do for me?”

Here’s what our clients say…


Absolutely fabulous! Alexis was amazing…very patient, sensitive and nonjudgemental. She helped me process through so much and never once told me what I should do, only gave me extremely helpful suggestions. I highly recommend her service!

L. H. Fishers

What a great feeling to wake up this a.m. and be able to locate the perfect outfit the first time without all the wrong things in my way. Thank you Alexis for your ability to allow me to see what I actually needed to keep and detach from the things that were weighing me down.

S. S. Indianapolis

Even Martha Stewart needs help! Alexis is amazing! I am typically a very organized person. Is your life feel crazy and you can’t keep up? Maybe you can keep up and you just need a fresh pair of eyes to help you to sift through all of your stuff? Well, I had a great experience with Alexis and Everything in its place. She came in and reorganized my garage and linen closet and it saved me A LOT of time and headache. She was efficient, objective and methodical. She can work with you, or without. I loved knowing that I could trust her judgement and her ability to reduce clutter. If you have not considered inviting someone into your home or personal space to help clean house, then you need to. It could just be the new years resolution you were looking for!

M. J. Indianapolis

After showing Alexis my available storage space, I turned her loose on my two jam-packed “monster” double closets. In three hours she completely emptied one out by consolidating; organized my office supplies in enclosed space close to my desk; “forced” me to go through a mound of paper clutter with her which we filed, recycled, pitched, or shredded . . . AND we separated out “stuff–including good clothes I no longer wear since I’m retired + a comforter . . . AND took these items to donation places where others may be able to use them. I’m no hoarder, but paper tends to cover me up, and I realize now I NEED Alexis two or three times a year to help me manage the “stuff” that I neglect to tend to. I couldn’t be more pleased, and I will be using this wonderful service again, probably over and over again. (Oh, did I mention she also hung two paintings in my guestroom that had been waiting for someone more flexible than I to hang them? well, she did. 🙂

B. B. Indianapolis

Alexis was fabulous! I had a sick baby and she was very patient and brought things to me instead of me always having to go to our guest room to look at things she was to put back into our closet. I couldn’t have done it without her. I would recommend her anytime for her services.

T. W. Shelbyville

Thank you so much for your help with my limited closet space. I am actually able to see what clothes I have without completely messing up the whole closet. I thought I would have to do major work to have double hanging rods for more hanging space. You were able to find an easier (and cheaper) solution that has worked great! Thank you also for helping me sort my clothes. The tips you gave on knowing what to keep and what to pass on were very helpful. Thanks again!


Alexis is so easy to work with! She’s knowledgable, efficient, friendly, completely non-judgmental … everything you’d want in a person coming into your home to go through your stuff!


This was a huge help in transforming an overwhelming mess of my scrapbook area into an organized and easy to maintain work area. I will definitely recommend them to all of my friends and family.


Alexis was great. She also gave me useful tips for the future that I hope will help me be more organized. I highly recommend this business.


I thought $50 was too much to pay an organizer but Alexis was great and I would use her again.

C. C. Fishers

Lexi was great! She kept me on track the whole time and stayed working even after our time was up. She was awesome!!!!


Alexis is very professional and helpful. She has great “makes-sense” ideas


I learned so much from Alexis that I’ll be able to carry over to future organizing projects. Love her style – not rushed or judgmental. She made me feel totally at ease with my mess!

S. B. Indianapolis

Alexis was Great! I will recommend her to anyone! She was on time, listened to my needs and then just went to work! WOW!

K. G. Indianapolis

Alexis provided a great service! She was able to help motivate me, keep me energized and ultimately reorganize two bedrooms in just 6 hours. I was recently married so there was a lot of stuff to go through, throw away and merge. A great experience. I will definitely call upon her again to help with more organizational projects.

D.F. Carmel

Thanks so much for your help in my classroom. I am able to find materials so much easier when they are needed. I also love the fact that having a place for everything makes me put it back when I am done with it. Can’t wait to use your organizational skills again soon!

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