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Organizing Basics

Remember these 4 basic steps to organize almost anything!!

1. Keep like things together. Ask yourself “How do I use this?” Example: Beach Towels may be stored with bath towels, inside your luggage, or with summer clothes.

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2. Keep only what you USE or LOVE. This can be the most difficult step. Watch out for words like “used-to”, “might someday”, or “should”. When you hear yourself say these words, dig deeper. Why have I not used it until now? Has something else replaced this item? Why “should” I? What is the worst that will happen if I decide to donate, sell, or throw this away? *If this is very difficult for you, consider hiring a professional organizer. A professional can take some of the emotion out of the decision and guide you towards an organized lifestyle. Call several and look for someone you feel at ease with.

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3. Find a Home. Store frequently used items in the most convenient places, items used less frequently should be stored higher or lower or in less convenient homes. Before buying a new container or “organizer” measure your available space and take a picture of items that need to be stored there. You will be able to find exactly what you need when you head to the store!

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4. Maintain Your system for organizing is only as good as your maintenance. Spend a few minutes each week putting things back in place. Remember this is a new habit. Try to be consistent, don’t expect perfection, and be patient with yourself.

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