Top 10 reasons you may need a personal organizer.

10. You keep bills to pay in the kitchen, envelopes in your closet and stamps in the car.
9. You own a “back-up” pair of lawn mowing shoes
8. Right now you are looking for your cellphone and or keys
7. You called an organizer once, but can’t find that number again.
6. The stacks of paper on your desk are making it difficult to see the rest of this list.
5. Company is coming so you are sprinting to get everything into a spare room & close the door before your doorbell rings.
4. The term “surface-abuser” means something to you.
3. This morning you were able to find two of the same shoe, just not in the same color.
2. You recently opened the pantry and found several pairs of socks, but couldn’t locate the sugar.
1. You have a three car garage but are forced to park on the street.


*Bonus points if you belong to the Screwdriver Set of the Month club, but can never find a Phillips.
**Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you exhibit one or more of the above symptoms please contact a professional organizer regarding your condition and possible treatment options immediately. Click here for help!

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